Allow yourself to be more and do less

I am a yoga teacher for over three years now, and if I had to chose a favorite class, it would probably be prenatal.

Most of my students come to class because they heard somewhere, prenatal yoga could relieve any discomfort showing during pregnancy and would help prepare for natural childbirth. Most of them attempt to have a natural birth and its always beautiful hearing back of those who actually did.

The relation with these students during the months they attend classes is always really special for me. I mostly don’t know the girls joining my prenatal classes from before and mostly they don’t come back to regular classes afterwards. They take the classes as a special treat during pregnancy and start a new life afterwards. Both of us know from the beginning there is just a limited amount of time we have together. And we try to make the most of it.

In our modern high-tech world there is mostly no lack of people or machines doing and controlling, but of those who just are and let be. During my prenatal classes my adjustments in postures are mostly verbal or just by tipping, trying like that not to interfere to much in anyones personal zone. I encourage the girls even more than in any regular class to tune into their body to let flow instead of control.

After teaching prenatal yoga for two years I finally started a formation as a Birth Doula a few months ago. For a long time I felt the wish to be just a little more for this women who let me, so kindly, be part of their story.

Doulas are women who give support on an emotional, informational and sometimes physical level before, during and after childbirth and during the postpartum period. Helping like that, to create a more pleasant experience for the whole family receiving the new member just as they decide to, filled with love, harmony and trust.

I want to encourage the women I accompany, to believe in themselves, to remember and trust in their body which was made to give birth. To see that there are endless ways to live your pregnancy. To know that there is no right or wrong per se how to raise a child. That there is “no” lasting “for ever” or “never again”.
And I feel honored to walk by their side every single step they want me to and grateful to let me learn and grow with them.

Painting by Catie Atkinson
Painting by Catie Atkinson

The Value of a Doula
I hear you
I listen to your words, and I listen to your silences
Your hopes, your fears
Your beliefs and projections
Your future and past
Your unspoken/whispered/shouted words are welcome, heard and acknowledged
I see you
I see you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you are
My eyes are open to encompass all that you show me
The sharp corners and smooth curves, the wobbly bits and knotted scars
I accept you
I accept you in your entirety
I accept how you were yesterday, how you are today and how you will be tomorrow
Your failures and successes gain equal compassion here
Your choices are your own, and I will support them
I believe in you
And when you have been heard and seen and accepted
I hope that you will see how easy it is for me to believe in you
So that you will believe in yourself.



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